Kata-Karate.de is all about karate katas, their analysis, applications, training and background.

Over time quite a heap of information, references, bookmarks, literature, DVDs and notes about karate have piled up on my desk. Little by little I will put them up on Kata-Karate.de, so that I can access them from anywhere I like. And who knows, it might even be useful to others out there in pursuit of their own Way of Karate.

You will find that most of the stuff on this website is in German, which should be no surprise, since that's my native language. But I've already translated some of it and will continue to do so if people are interested. Nevertheless, most of the kata videos and a lot of what's in my list of references is in English anyway. So just lean back and take a look around.

Happy browsing!

  • New Tekki-Nidan bunkai video


    On the Kata-Karate YouTube channel I've published a new video with possible applications for the kata Tekki-Nidan/Naihanchi-Nidan.

  • New Bassai-Dai bunkai video


    On the Kata-Karate YouTube channel I've published a new video with possible applications for the kata Bassai-Dai.

  • How to generate power in karate


    Noah Legel has a good article on "power generation methods in his karate blog.

  • Karate Throws Collection


    A forum thread on Iain Abernethy's website has become a great rescource of information on throws and takedowns as found in karate katas as well as books, photographs and videos.

    Resources on karate throws

  • Kata Puzzles


    Got some time to kill? Have fun with kata sliding puzzles.

    Do you know your kata sequences well enough to arrange the techniques in the correct order? Andreas Sturm has 19 kata puzzles on his website for you to test your kata knowledge.

  • New Kata-Karate YouTube-Channel


    On this website I have embedded a lot of fantastic YouTube videos of bunkai examples for many karate katas.

    For ease of viewing them I have created the Kata-Karate YouTube channel. There you can find playlists for all the katas featured on Kata-Karate.de.

    I'd be happy if people find this useful.

  • Ideas for kata-based kihon line-work


    Following the specifications for examination contents and requirements of the German Karate Association I suggest a kyu program for kata-based kihon line-work.

    This document is presented in German only, since it is relevant exclusively for karateka in Germany.