Privacy Information

Information on who is responsible for this website can be found on the imprint page.

Webserver request logging

This website runs on a webserver at our hosting provider Strato AG, Deutschland.

Requests of documents on this website (e.g. webpages accessed with a browser) are written to a regular access log file by the webserver.

The following information is being collected in a log entry:

  • The website's domain.
  • The anonymised(!) IP adress of the computer, from which the request originated.
    Information on how STRATO anonymises the IPs (by STRATO, in German).
  • The time at which the request occurred.
  • The HTTP access method and the requested URL.
  • The HTTP error code.
  • The number of bytes transferred.
  • The referer string sent by the browser (may include the URL of the page that linked to the requested document, typically omitted for external pages and HTTPS).
  • The client string sent by the browser (usually includes information on the browser used and on the operating system the browser runs on).

These webserver log files are regularly written by the hosting provider.

Logged data can be used for different purposes:

  • For technical maintainance to verify the error-free operation of the website or to help with error diagnostics.
  • To detect criminal attacks on the website (spam bots, malware and the like) and to help with investigation if required.
  • For statistical, anonymised analysis of how and how much the website is used, with the intent to optimise the website technically and content-wise.

For statistical purposes the anonymised log data can be stored permanently.

Because the IP adresses are anonymised, the log entries do not contain any information that can be related back to the person of a specific user. Therefore the website owner cannot identify, hand out, nor delete any log entries generated by a specific person.

Embedded content – Youtube videos

This website does embed video boxes from Youtube on some pages to present the videos to the users within the context of the page content.

To watch the videos the user has to actively click on the the video preview image. The preview image clearly indicates a Youtube video. Alternatively the user can open the video directly on the youtube website. (Of course they can also simply refrain from watching the video altogether.)

Technically there is no significant difference between these to options for accessing the video as far as transferring data between the user and Youtube's owner Google is concerned.

In both cases the user voluntarily requests a video from the Youtube website. Information on privacy and data processing by Youtube can be found in Google's privacy policy:

Users can delete or permanently block Youtube cookies in their browsers. This prohibits recognition of repeat visits by the same users.

Users who are logged in to Google or Youtube can log out of Google before they visit any non-Google websites. That way, visits to other websites that do embed Google content (ads, maps, Youtube, ...) cannot be related back to their Google account. - This is general advice that is also relevant to the Youtube videos on this website.