Videos, information, analysis and application of karate katas.

Shotokan Katas

Heian and Taikyoku

More Shotokan Katas

In addition to the ones mentioned above, in the historical Shotokan and its environment the following katas have been practiced:

  • Suparinpai (108 steps)
  • Shuji no Kon (stick of the Chou family)
  • Sakugawa no Kon (stick of Sakugawa)
  • Shirotaru no Kon (stick of the white cask)
  • Matsukaze no Kon (pine wind stick)

Karate Katas and Forms from other Martial Arts

The Blackbelt Wiki provides an overview of katas and forms from karate and other martial arts. It features videos of katas/forms and some further information.